Button Hook – Zipper Pull

  1. One 7/8 inch cup holder
  2. One 6 inch, 1/2 inch dowel
  3. One regular paper clip
  4. Wood or cement glue
  1. Pliers
  2. Drill

Example of a button hook zipper pull

To assist in using button and zippers use a dowel to make a device with a hook and pull. Pre-drill small holes in each end of the dowel. Put a dab of glue in one hole of dowel. Twist cup holder into hole being careful not to split dowel. Straighten paper clip and bend it in half. Pinch the fold with the pliers and place paper clip over dowel. Twist ends to form button hook. Put a dab of glue in the open hole of dowel and insert paper clip and twist to secure. Compliments of Tots-n-Tech.