fab lab

fabricATion laborATories – where makers gather, design, and build simple solutions quickly.

Held during a Delaware Assistive Technology Initiative, Newark, DE Open House
43 Makers
33 Solutions
iLeans   |   Art brushes   |   Reach Extender

Volunteers search fabricATe's closet for parts. Volunteers discuss projects at fab lab Volunteer sorts through items for a project. Cutting plastic board for a lean it solution. Constructing a lean it solution Volunteers measure and cut materials for a poject. Volunteers examine a table of various tools with added grip support. Heating up InstaMorph to make a gripping tool.

Held at the Lab Preschool, Newark, DE
6 Makers
2 Solutions
Biggie-size iLeans   |   Fine motor manipulative board
Making a large lean it boardVolunteers measure and cut hook and loop material
Held at the fabricATe headquarters, Newark, DE
7 Makers
1 Solution Brainstorming Lab
fine motor manipulative board
Volunteers created a material list for a fine motor manipulative toolVolunteers drew up plans to create a fine mototr manipulative board.Volunteers create drawings for fine motor maniuplative board plans.
Held at the Lab Preschool, Newark, DE
8 Makers
3 Solutions
A focus on accessible communication tools
Example of a communication tool. Close up of accessible communication tool example.
Held at a local Community Center, Newark, DE
5 Makers
35 Solutions
Refining the design of young adult garment protectors |  iLeans
Garment protector with monogramTie die garment protectorHook and loop makes it easy to put on or remove a garment protector
Held at BAYADA Pediatrics, New Castle, DE, snacks included!
7 Makers
11 Solutions
Adult garment protector – snap on and Velcro options  |   Instant pick-up stick   |   Built-up toothbrush
A pick up stick made with InstaMorphClose up of the end of a pick up stick.
A snap on garment protectorA hook and loop garment protectorToothbrush with built up handle for easy gripping.
Held at the STAR Campus, Newark, DE
8 Makers
6 Solutions
Adult garment protector   |   Prototype adapted art easel   |   Prototype tray extender
Volunteer sews a garment protector. Volunteer cuts PVC for art easel Volunteers construct an art easel from PVC pipe
Held at the Center for Disabilities Studies, Newark, DE
15 Makers
3 Solutions
Adapted Easel    |  Prototype adult garment protector   |   Transportable Vision Station
Volunteers review directions for creating garment protectors.Volunteers hangs material for art easel.  Volunteers discuss materials for a project.
Held at the a local Community Center, Newark, DE
7 Makers
5 Solutions
Adult garment protectors of various customized design
 A large adult garment protector.Measuring fabrics for constructing a garment protector. Sewing a garment protector.
Held at a local school, Newark, DE
6 Makers
5 Solutions
adult garment protector—-adapted puzzle—–modified tri-pod+lockline iPad stand

A modified tripodA small garment protectorAn adapted board puzzel

Held at the Center for Disabilities Studies, Newark, DE
12 Makers
41 Solutions
Transformation – from Instamorph to a Functional Device
Melting InstaMorph to moldable plastic Two InstaMorph screwdrivers. Volunteer demonstrates using InstaMorph screwdriver with a guide.

Held at the Lab Preschool, Newark, DE

17 Makers
35 Solutions

Volunteers work on a project at the fab lab Examples of adapted paint brushes A table containing many of the items constructed during the fab lab.