1. Cardboard box
  2. Wooden box
  1. Scissors or drill depending on which box you use

A cardboard box allows a child's feet to touch the floor.

Does your child fidget in his chair because his feet don’t reach the floor and he doesn’t have a good base of support? Then you need this easy homemade item. Just make a box out of wood (or use a cardboard box) and put holes in the top front big enough to fit the front legs of the chair in them (like a box to step up on that is secure). Have the child decorate his box and personalize it with paint, his/her name etc. Make it tall enough to have the child’s knee bend at a 90 degree angle so that he/she has a better base of support and you will see the fidgeting stop and his attention increase. Compliments of Tots-n-Tech.