What Do You Want to Do? Chart

  1. Pictures of activies your child likes to do
  2. Poster board
  3. Green, yellow, red Time Tracker Mini by Learning Resources (can also use any other timer)
  1. Velcro
  2. Laminator and sheets (optional)

Example of What do you want to do? chart.

What Do You Want to Do? Chart helps promote toddlers’ abilities to focus on one activity at a time, which can increase attention and focus over time. The child will be able to independently select from various activities they enjoy doing, listed under the, “What Do You Want to Do?” side of the chart. They will then place the picture of the activity they choose under the, “I Want to” side of the chart. A timer may be set to indicate how much time the child can spend on the choice activity. Once the time for that activity is up, the child may return to the chart and pick the next activity they would like to do. Compliments of Tots-n-Tech.